Epson CP03RTBSB208 3 Jahre CoverPlus mit Carry-In-Service für 11000XL


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    Manufacturer's no.:CP03RTBSB208

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    Info: EPSON CoverPlus is an agreement between you and Epson for the supply of specified services if the Product fails to operate or operates outside its specification. By this agreement, Epson accepts no additional liability in respect of defects in the Product beyond a liability to provide the Service as described.
    Using RTB service you will need to send the product back to an authorized EPSON repair center. It is your responsibility to package the product appropriately and pay for the shipping to the service center. The product will then be either repaired or replaced (at Epson's discretion) depending on the severity or type of fault and returned to you by courier at Epson's cost.
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