Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Stuhl urban camo


  • Gaming chair (camouflage)
  • Weight capacity up to 135 kg
  • Cover made from Kunstleder
  • Min. seat height 47 cm
  • Armlehne höhenverstellbar, Rückenlehne neigbar, Seat height adjustable
  • Neck pillow, Loin pillow, Gasdruckdämpfer
Item No.:90773441
Manufacturer's no.:NC-S300-UC

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Info: The S300 gaming chair is all about you. Each chair is carefully designed with gamers in mind, using only state of the art materials. Nitro Concepts chairs are comfortable and provide ergonomic support to the back, all while looking amazing.
  • Fresh design and clean look
  • Maximum comfort
  • Ergonomic support
  • Fresh design and clean look
    Each chair is carefully designed in Germany with gamers in mind, using only high-quality materials.
  • Maximum comfort
    The S300 brings an advanced level of comfort to your gaming life. Thanks to its integrated H.E.A.T. (Health Enhancing Adjustment Technology) system working in tandem with its ergonomics and shape, you'll find hours flying by without noticing an ounce of strain on the back. Every Nitro Concepts chair comes with head and lumbar support pillows with optimal shape included free of charge, which can be indiviudally adjusted.
  • Ergonomic support
    To play at peak performance during long play sessions, staying focussed all the while of demanding tasks or enjoy watching videos to the fullest, it's important to have a reliable, ergonomic seat like the S300 that protects your back and prevents any painful aches. This lowers the potential for long-term health issues and enables you to always be ready to win.
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